Your child's favorite place to be! If you are a beginner or seasoned pro, if you are looking for a new and exciting way for your children to be active, or if you just want to learn more about gymnastics, then Elite Athletics is the perfect place for you!

Not only do we offer gymnastics, but also tumbling and a fast-growing Ninja program. Your first class is always FREE! We welcome everyone to come by and check out what could be your home away from home!

We have made the hard decision to close our doors for now. We want to keep all our students, families, and staff safe. Active families, please look out for an email soon with more information.

Thank you for all your patience and support during this difficult time we hope everyone stays safe and healthy! Life continues and they days will get better. We'll see you all soon! After many requests we are now having boys gymnastics classes!

If you have a child you would like in a class specially geared toward special needs, this is the place for you! Here they will be able to learn fundamentals of gymnastics and Ninja in a class designed for them!

Start off your weekend with fun at Elite! We offer preschool, gymnastics and ninja classes from AMAM. Forest, VA Parent Portal. Home About. Sign Up through the Parent Portal. What's New! Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive We have made the hard decision to close our doors for now. Register Today!Thanks so much for dropping by.

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How can we help you today? Georgia Elite Gymnastics, Inc. Classes Now Available for All Ages. Be sure to enroll in classes soon as all classes begin to fill up shortly after the new year. We hope you join us! View Class Schedule. We understand that for high level gymnasts, the goal is to get your college paid for with a gymnastics scholarship.

Our staff knows and understands what this requires and we do our best to put the kids in the best position possible to achieve their goals. Read About Our Journey. Although we are proud of each and every coach and gymnast, we would like to share with you our proudest accomplishments collectively.

The following accomplishments are examples of dedication, commitment and persistence from all parties including gym, coaches, gymnasts and families View Our Proudest Accomplishments.

Sami Durante. Kasey Nelson. Eliza Greco. Anna McGee. Lily Swope.

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Madison McPherson. Lindsey Cheek. Alexa Phillips. Megan Gentry. Morgan Reynolds. Paris Phillips. Our Story. Watkinsville, GA Contact Us. Birthday Parties. Latest News.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. ClipsPodcasts.

elite gym

Need a little bit of bulking inspiration? Swede Burns and Dave Tate trade tips. Swede lays out the entirety of his diet he used to maintain a pound bodyweight as a powerlifter.

Dave Tate. Ricardo Garcia had a problem. He had agreed to kill someone. Garcia accepted the money. Erik Eggers. Featured Gyms. Lee Zimmerman's home gym is his personal escape and fully fleshed out strength training powerhouse. Mason Nowak. I observe that advanced athletes need no extra motivation or energy, and anger gets in the way of clear thinking and success more than it helps. Still, many high-level lifters use it regularly.

JM Blakley. Tune in weekly! Your Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. New Items Bands Strength Equipment. Next Previous.

Current Articles. Dave Tate 6 minutes, 18 seconds Apr 12, Erik Eggers 9 minutes, 10 seconds Apr 12, Mason Nowak 3 minutes, 39 seconds Apr 11, Education The Best Mindset for Maximal Effort I observe that advanced athletes need no extra motivation or energy, and anger gets in the way of clear thinking and success more than it helps. JM Blakley 22 minutes, 20 seconds Apr 10, Coaching Logs Read up on routines and goals set by our Coaches.

Articles Train your brain with the latest industry leading articles. Sign up for the Latest News and Offers. Order Online or Call or All right reserved. We are not EliteFitness.Our trainers are highly skilled and compassionate. Each caring deeply about you, your goals and your progress.

Come meet the team today. And together we can get you looking and feeling your best. When you join Elite, you join more than just a gym. You join a family! Our gym is not like the rest. Sharing our passion for fitness and nutrition success, we are here for you, every step of the way. As a first time gym and fitness member, current member, returning member or new to fitness facilities, our attention to your needs is paramount in all our services.

We also know you want to work out in a non-intimidating, clean and fun environment.

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Tell us about you! Start your pre-membership here! What are your Personal Training, Fitness or Nutrition goals? Send us a note today. We are here to help you succeed! Email Address. The support from the community has been exceptional to say the least. From the onset we said we would try to stay open until they tell us we have to close. Unfortunately, as you know, that order came today, so we will be closing at pm Friday March 27 until Monday May 4.

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Barring any extension of that we will reopen Monday May 4 at am. Elite will be giving time credit back on monthly auto and paid in full gym dues. All personal training sessions charged will accrue and roll over for use upon reopening. We already cannot wait for May 4 to resume servicing our members and personal training clients.Elite Fitness Gym is your premier health club!

Our clean and friendly atmosphere will appeal to everyone of all fitness levels. Booiaka- 1hr Intense cardio dance workout. Easy to learn choreography for all shapes and sizes!! Timed Stations that vary with strength and body weight exercises. Kickboxing- In 1hr Amp up your workout with this high energy Kickboxing class on standing bags. Learn a combination of punches and kicks for all over strength and conditioning.

Includes use of dumbbells, barbells, stability balls, resistant bands, kettle bells and more. Escape today. Tabata- 1hr. Timed High Intensity Interval training Full body strength and conditioning.

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Vinyasa style, flowing between movements in Sanskrit. Mix of Latin dance moves and various exercises. BodyBurn 1hr - In 1hr Amp up your workout with this high energy circuit training class.

Includes cardio and various weighted exercises. Spin 1hr - Experience a ride indoors full of intervals, jumps on a trail and hills all while simulating an open road with fun upbeat music. Yoga 1hr - the body flows for one pose to another, focusing on breath and movement, awareness and alignment of the body, balance, strength, and flexibility.

Abs on a Ball 30 mins - a fun class rolling, bouncing, and balancing on a Stability Ball. Muscle Mechanics 30 mins -Strength training using free weights, weighted bar or elastic bands to build lean muscles, burn fat and keep bones strong.

Rise -N-Grind. Cycle Circuit 1hr. Yoga — 1hr Improve balance, develop flexibility, and release stress as you breathe with each standing and seated yoga pose.

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Props blocks, straps enhance your experience and modifications are provided for all fitness levels. Class ends with a final relaxation.

Cycle- 1hr Experience a ride indoors full of intervals, jumps on a trail and hills all while simulating an open road with fun upbeat music. Whether you want to get stronger, faster, or just more efficient with your workout this class will take you to the next level! May include kettle bells, barbells, medicine balls, spin bike and more! CircuitCamp- 1 hr Work every inch of your body in this H. T based, circuit structured class. Something different each week to challenge your body.

Vanessa is motivated and excited to inspire others to reach their fitness goals. Her love for teaching others started in her garage on a heavy bag with personalized training from a friend. She started using kickboxing in to help her lose weight and saw how fast her body and mind responded to the workouts.

When she joined a gym and started attending group classes she became a fanatic and wanted to Inspire others to fall in love with fitness the same way she did. She began her teaching career as a group fitness instructor in September of and personal training in January of She has specialized training in kickboxing, weight training and Salsa fitness.Class Schedule.

Please see our Specialty Class section below regarding Classes that are not a part of our regular Class Schedule. Please note that our schedule represents assigned instructors and at times we may, with or without notice, have substitute Instructors for these classes.

Though extremely rare, we may at times, with or without notice, have to cancel or reschedule class es. Thank you for your participation and understanding! James and Alicia team up to bring aerobic classes to the next level, so you get a new class every time! Bring water with you and be prepared for a great workout! Exercises are completed with a weighted bar and sometimes employ steps for an additional workout. Class is geared towards everyone with modifications shown.

Bring a towel to wipe your sweat off and water to stay hydrated!

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Body Sculpt : A total body workout to sculpt out those muscles you never knew you had. Learn a variety of exercises designed to trigger each muscle to its highest potential.

Use a combination of balance balls, weights, mats, and steps to make sure each muscle has its own moment of glory! Bring a towel for some serious sweat and prepare to get your sexy on! Group Cycling : a group exercise class performed on stationary bikes.

During the class, the instructor simulates hill-climbing, sprints, and races. It is truly a fantastic cardiovascular workout. You will be kept motivated by the instructor, the people around you and the music. Get prepared for the workout of your life! Please follow all directions of the instructor for safety reasons and bring water!By submitting this form, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy.

Elite Health and Fitness offers a wide variety of equipment, programs and classes for all fitness levels. Whether you want to work out on your own or take classes or are into personal training, there is something for everyone here.

Finally, the staff at Elite is the absolute best — the front desk, the trainers, the instructors…. They truly got me back on my feet getting me back to doing the things I used to.

They listen and truly care about you! Teresa Kincade Physical Therapy Client. Elite Health and Fitness offers a wide variety of equipment, programs, and classes for all fitness levels. Christing Smith Member. The folks at Elite are the best…they are positive, motivating, engaging, extremely knowledgeable and always professional and compassionate.

By working with Elite as soon as a month after his surgery, he is now, 9 months later, ready for competition. More importantly, he is psychologically ready. All of the trainers are exceptional. Not only are they expert at what they do, but they are positive and motivating. I highly recommend this program to not only those who have had an injury but to those who wish to get in the best shape possible.

Get a Day Trial. Stoughton PT. Sports Performance Coaching Over 15 years experience serving all ages and levels, from the little leagues to the major leagues. Fitness Classes. Small Group Training. Personal Training. Physical Therapy. Sports Performance. Cycling Studio. Membership Options. Check out our Facility. Club Amenities. Elite Fitness Center — Stoughton.

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